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Thrift Design

Lucy Ann Wray, BA hons Designer Maker

I explore and develop unwanted materials to create art from salvaged resources.

Artist Lucy Wray BA

I am an independent artist working from my home studio in Lancashire, England. After years of working in cold, damp and grubby rented workshops, I finally have my own studio with heating.

Thrift Design was born in a cold rented artists studio on a rainy Lancashire farm. After working as a freelance artist for more years than I care to remember. I decided to change and dedicate my creativity to creating things that inspired me and hopefully other people, to care more for our environment.

My main source of inspiration comes from the colours and textures present in our natural environment. Something that catches my attention repeatedly is the way colours fade away on a misty morning. The light flattens everything so the landscape appears to be a series of cutout layers or stage sets.

All my art pieces are made from ‘rubbish’ or as I prefer to call them ‘salvaged materials’. I relish the challenge of using discarded materials to represent animals and birds and I try to capture their personality and movement. Sadly most of the creatures I create are endangered or at risk often due to the miss-use and disposal of the materials I use to create them.

I trained in 3D Design at the Manchester School of Art where I studied materials. I love experimenting and breaking rules; there is hardly a piece of equipment in my studio that I use for its intended purpose; I have a trouser press, which I use to fuse plastic and a soldering iron I use to cut fabric, amongst other things.

As well as being able to commission me to create a special piece for you. You can purchase my creations here in my web-shop, at numerous shops/ galleries across the UK and I attend a few selected Craft design Fairs throughout the year.