Case Study 1

The Baxters

I was contacted through social media to create a Highland Cow for an overseas client who originally came from Scotland. I created a selection of cow sketches so the client could choose which composition they preferred.

After completing a couple of sketches and a hard time choosing, the client decided on which composition they preferred.

Soon into the commissioning process the client requested me to also create a special pet portrait of a beloved dog who they recently lost. And after another email conversation the client also decided to add another beloved to the commission.

Photos of the dogs were emailed over and I created a couple of sketches to allow the client to choose their favourite pose and for me to get an idea of their personalities.

Rather than having two separate portraits of the dogs I suggested, as the dogs were best friends that it might be nice to have them in the same picture.

The client chose to be updated with Work in Progress shots to I happily emailed over my progress.

For these commissions I gave the option of sending the pieces unframed as the client lived overseas (I’m UK based). All my pieces are standard frame sizes so it’s easy enough to find a frame to fit.

To save on post costs the client chose to self-frame so I created a short instructional video to aid her.

“I cannot get over how AMAZING the pictures are.  You have really, really caught Sam and Riley’s personalities (not sure how you did that) and as for the Highland Coo .. what can I say other than it’s INCREDIBLE !!”