By starting a Patreon account I am in affect able to offer you the opportunity to buy art from me in monthly instalments.

Plus you get access to videos and behind the scenes content

Subscription Tiers

For £3 a month you’ll have access to my Patreon account where I’ll post behind the scenes content, drawings to download and colour in and a little monthly art piece mailed to you.

For £5 a month you’ll have access to the above plus get to watch videos I’ve made filming me working on various pieces. At the end of 9 months I’ll send you a set of three Art Cards.

For £10 a month as well access to the benefits it the other tiers above I will also post creative tutorials, showing you how to make stuff. After 9 months I’ll send you a Medium sized frame or two Small Frames.

For £20 a month you’ll get all the benefits of the smaller tiers and a 35% discount in my Etsy shop.After 9 months I will mail you a limited edition Large Framed Artwork.

To read a little bit more about what Patreon is and why I am doing it follow this link to my blog post