Coo’d it be Love?, Pigeons 1/1


Coo’d it be Love?, Pigeons 1/1
A limited edition original piece, created using salvaged materials.


Pigeons – Medium Box Frame

A perfect way to add a touch of ‘city wild’ to an interior.

Eco-friendly art created using recycled and salvaged waste materials.

White Box Frame (new)
Size H40 cm x W 30 cm x D 4 cm (Frame size)

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Pigeons– Medium Box Frame

Don’t call me a rat with wings! I’m smart (cough) successful, fashionable and popular. You could even say I’m coo’l

Size H40 cm x W 30 cm x D 4 cm (Frame size)
White box frame (New)

Created using waste packaging, end of season papers, envelopes, fabric scraps and buttons.

This Art piece is made from a variety of salvaged and recycled materials.
The background is made using old envelopes and end of season wallpaper samples. The Pigeons are a combination of corrugated card packaging, salvaged paper, fabric scraps and reclaimed buttons. Highlighted with machine stitching.

Eco credentials
The process of giving materials a second life is called Creative Reuse.
By using second life materials I aim to reduce waste and highlight the value of the things we throw away.
Giving materials a second life has become a passion of mine. I love that unwanted materials can metamorphose into something completely new and go beyond their original purpose.