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Become a Patron!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service. It allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, or “patrons”.

Why I (Thrift Design) use Patreon?

I’m on Patreon because 2020 is already proving to be problematic for self employed, freelance creatives. With all the Exhibitions and Trade Fairs cancelled, galleries and shops closed indefinitely, I’m finding I have more time to be creative with my creativity.

What do you get out of being my patron?

By paying a subscription, as well as being part of my ‘inner circle’ you are in effect buying a piece of art from me over the course of several months. After a specified amount of time* I will send you one of my art pieces equivalent to the amount you pledge.

In addition to this you will get exclusive ‘thrift Studio’ content and free art samples every month.

What will I get out of it? I’m hoping this will keep me connected with you, inspire me to carry on and of course provide me with a much-needed regular monthly income top up.  

*9 months of subscription