Style Development

#development | I’ve been experimenting with my style again. Back in 2020 my work became more colourful –  I allowed myself to use paint as well as stitch to embellish the recycled materials.

Trying to maintain a level of consistency with designs while working with recycled materials is challenging. When its gone its gone. I can’t just pop to the shops and buy some more. I’ve been slowly running out of big bold wallpaper suitable for the foregrounds of my larger pieces. Last week I had a light bulb moment and thought ‘if I can’t find the flowers, I’ll make them!’

These are the first two pieces in which I’ve lead the materials rather than them leading me, to create the natural foreground foliage.

Roughly based on bindweed the flower is made using painted cereal boxes and white textured wallpaper.

When I’m super famous, this will be one of those key pieces which maps my style progression. It’ll be worth a fortune in the future 😁💃

Primary School Project

#somethingbig | I’m currently working with a local primary school to create a large mural which will encourage their aspirations for the future. We have planned the composition and created templates which will be cut out of card. I think they’ve done a great job so far

Art Exhibition

St Laurence’s Gallery

St Laurence’s Church, Union Street, Chorley, PR71EB

Tuesday – Friday 11am – 2pm | Saturday 1 – 4pm | Sunday 1 – 3pm

The exhibition runs for the whole of January (5th – 30th)

An afternoon of Art and chat.

I’ll be at the exhibition on Saturday to meet and greet.

Come and say Hello

A surprise request for art to fill the gallery space had me in a whirl of activity this January.

Exhibiting along side artist Caroline Amos.

The New Design Blue Tits

There’s a flash of blue and yellow in the corner of your eye. Stop. Be still. Shhh it’s there, at the bottom of the garden.

A bird in the hand

I don’t know about you but I love it when the Blue Tits come to visit the bird table. They are so cute and colourful.

During the lockdown of 2020 there was nothing I liked more than sitting back and watching the birds going about their business in my garden. It gave me a sense of calm and I found their antics quite entertaining.

I decided to redesign my current small frame Blue Tit to try to capture a little more of this birds personality and movement. While working on this I thought it would be nice to create a flying version as well.

I sketched out and experimented with lots of different poses. Then using end of season fabric scraps, used postage stamps, bits of recycled coloured paper and whatever else I could find that fitted the bill. I layered and stitched them together to create these wonderfully cute little birds.

A short video clip showing a selection of Blue Tit Designs

Check out the online shop for more available designs

January Sale

Click here to go straight to the Sale Page

This January I’m holding a Sale. I’ve never held a sale before because I usually sell most of my pieces as I make them. Since setting up Thrift Design in 2014 my style and direction has changed. While trying to organise my workshop I have come across a few items which I no longer make so I’ve decided to put them in a sale.

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Winter 2020

Familiar pieces inspired by winter

Art Cards

Small Gift Frames

Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap & Personalised Gift Tag

Why not have your purchase wrapped and add a personalised handwritten tag added?

Eco-friendly gift wrap & tag – Recyclable, Biodegradable and compostable.

BCTF Online

The VIRTUAL Great British Craft Trade Fair ONLINE

14th & 15th June 2020, 10am – 5pm

The British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) is USUALLY a three-day event, taking place at the Great Yorkshire Showground in beautiful Harrogate.

This year, for obvious reasons it did not happen, but the wonderful BCTF team have been working hard behind the scenes to deliver a groundbreaking online event to showcase the amazing talented work of UK designer makers.

It’s Trade only so you’ll need to register here to see maker videos, trade products and download price lists. You’ll even be able to LIVE CHAT to the makers.

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