Style Development

#development | I’ve been experimenting with my style again. Back in 2020 my work became more colourful –  I allowed myself to use paint as well as stitch to embellish the recycled materials.

Trying to maintain a level of consistency with designs while working with recycled materials is challenging. When its gone its gone. I can’t just pop to the shops and buy some more. I’ve been slowly running out of big bold wallpaper suitable for the foregrounds of my larger pieces. Last week I had a light bulb moment and thought ‘if I can’t find the flowers, I’ll make them!’

These are the first two pieces in which I’ve lead the materials rather than them leading me, to create the natural foreground foliage.

Roughly based on bindweed the flower is made using painted cereal boxes and white textured wallpaper.

When I’m super famous, this will be one of those key pieces which maps my style progression. It’ll be worth a fortune in the future 😁💃